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2017 Yukon Quest 1,000 Race Team Lineup

RACE DATE:  February 4, 2017 RACE LOCATION:  Whitehorse, Yukon MUSHER:  Brent Sass RACE TEAM LINEUP: Sound Celia Neon Chica Insley Sluice Merc Carbon Mattie Krypton Doc Caputo Heath...

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2017 Kuskokwim 300 Race Team Lineup

RACE DATE:  January 20, 2017 RACE LOCATION:  Bethel, Alaska MUSHER:  Brent Sass RACE TEAM LINEUP: Sound Celia Cat Neon Insley Sluice Cal LC Caputo Krypton Yukon...

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2017 Copper Basin 300 Race Team Lineup

RACE DATE:  January 14th, 2017 RACE LOCATION:  Glennallen, Alaska MUSHER:  Tim Muto RACE TEAM LINEUP: U-Turn Merc Louise Josephine Heath Nitro Chica Doc Sasha Tastey Mattie...

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NEW Silver FLEXFIT® Trucker Hats Have Arrived!

Hey Wild and Free fans, many of you have seen them around and now they are available for purchase - new Silver FLEXFIT® Trucker Hats!  This new hat, with Comfort-Fit design, stretches to fit a wide variety of head sizes so the only decision you need to make is black...

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Check out this new fan raffle fundraiser!

2016-2017 Wild and Free Mushing Raffle Fundraiser Thank you for your continued support throughout our training and race season. Whether it is by truck, plane, or dog sled, the Wild and Free team has hundreds of miles to travel to get to the races. It can cost upwards...

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Brent is the “attitude is everything” inspiration, fireball of energy and determination, remarkable man of character, and intrepid leader of Wild and Free. Mushing is Brent’s life and he lives for his dogs and the opportunity to be on the trail exploring Alaska with his four-legged companions. Never satisfied, Brent and Wild and Free Mushing are in the midst of an exciting time with the goal of moving farther and faster down the trail.
Brent Sass wearing a parka, frosted.

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15 hours ago

Wild and Free Mushing

Night Run! #Dewalt ... See MoreSee Less

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Karen Faulkner-Davies river training

I think someone joined the team from the brush! LOL magnet mushing.

Orrrrrrr swim?

Wow, that's cool.

You have so much fun, life is a party wherever you go! It's why we love you❤️

Mais, ils sont incroyablement forts. C'est lourd ce tracteur ! Dans de l'eau caillouteuse en plus, ce n'est pas une tâche facile !!! Les pattes doivent leur faire mal après !!! bien sûr ça les fortifie et plus ils le font, plus ils sont endurants ! ... bravo les chiens. Ils méritent bien un câlin pour tous les efforts faits. Quel passion vous avez ! De jour, de nuit, par tous les temps ... incroyable aussi !!! Merci pour vos photos et vidéos toujours belles, bien nettes. On voit bien tous les détails du paysage. C'est remarquable. :-à

Absolutely love it, so jealous

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Never a dull moment! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Good to hear your voice bud!!!!! Pups look great!!!! 😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕


Adorbs. But you are definitely outnumbered 😉

Made me smile!


Looks like puppies of all ages, cute!!!!

OMG that a hole bunch of puppy's ! Must cost a fortune to feed !! 😛

now there's a pack!

Aaaawwwww cutie puppies

I don't know how you walk around in the puppy yard. I only have 5 and I have to shuffle so I don't step on them. Too cute!

I love this! You truly are God's gift to Dog. 🙂

Puppy riot!

Sean Briggs some of these look like Russ!

Some bunch of puppies!!!!

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