Wild and Free Homestead and Kennel Tours

We are extremely excited to start offering summer tours at our Homestead and Kennel on Joe Bush Creek!  The last five years, since we moved to the Homestead, have been a whirlwind of success, failure, ultimate highs and ultimate lows, but it’s also been the most exciting and adventurous time of my life.  The dogs and I have learned so much about what it takes to live on a remote Homestead, it’s benefits and drawbacks, and have no doubt found our home and the place where we belong.  I have spent the last five years customizing and improving an already amazing place that was founded by Ed and Willow Salter in 1972.  Their vision for the Homestead was spectacular and what they created is one-of-a-kind.  I am honored to be carrying on the tradition!

The growing pains of learning how to live this life as well as the remote location have always been what has stopped us from inviting guests to the property.  Although it’s a constant and forever labor of love, I feel great about where we are at with the Homestead and Kennel and look forward to sharing it with others.  This season we are teaming up with some great transportation partners to be able to start sharing our little piece of paradise.   

The goal for our tour is to give you an organic look into how we live here at the Homestead.  When you arrive, we will be in the middle of our daily routine and our hope is that each tour is unique in its own way.   During your visit, we will give you a tour of the property and talk about what it takes to live here 365 days a year with 50 plus sled dogs.  You’ll have a chance to meet (and pet) all the dogs as well as spend some quality time in what we call puppy-paradise, getting loved on by multiple litters of Wild and Free pups.  Throughout the tour we will be more then happy to answer questions and share stories about life at the Homestead and on the trail in hopes to give you a real look into this Alaskan lifestyle.  Then, we will hookup a team of dogs and give you a very scenic ride through our local woods and creeks to show you just how much these dogs love what they do! 

Where are we located?

Everyone always asks, where exactly are you located?  It’s a good question because we are definitely off the beaten path.  Eureka, AK is an old abandoned mining town located at mile 130 of the Elliot Highway.  This town saw its hay day at the turn of the century when there were over 2,000 people living in the community.  Since then the population has dwindled to just a few year-around residences.  It’s no small effort to get here but the drive is very beautiful and it takes you over 60 plus miles of gravel road that cuts through the middle of the Alaskan wilderness.  Once in Eureka, your tour guide will make all the right turns to bring you to our little paradise in the wilderness.  Drive time is generally between 3.5 and 4.5 hours depending on road conditions, and it’s always an adventure to get here so expect nothing less!  Bring an extra layer of clothes as temperatures are always different at the Homestead and can change in an instant.  

Tour And Transportation Options

Below are the current partners we are working with for our tours and transportation – both individual and group tour options available.  Please contact them directly to book your tour and stay tuned for more options coming soon!

Northern Alaska Tour Company—Wild and Free Sled Dog Adventures

NATC is the premier tour company for northern Alaska destinations and we are happy to be partnered with them to help make this tour possible.  The Wild and Free Dog Sled Adventure is offered as an optional add-on to their Manley Hot Springs Village Overnight Adventure, and we are confident that you will enjoy every part of this two day adventure.  This tour is only available from June 18th, 2017 to August 15th, 2017 on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday during the week, so give them a call or email them today to book your adventure!

Horst Expediting and Remote Operations

Josh Horst, owner and operator, is one of my best friends and is very involved with Wild and Free Mushing on many levels – since the very beginning.   Horst Expediting and Remote Operations is offering a one day round-trip group tour from Fairbanks, AK. This particular tour is by reservation only, so if you have a group of six or more, please contact us directly to book your trip.


PHONE:  1-907-378-7086

Alaska Land Exploration

Alex Shapiro, owner and operator, is another good friend of mine and runs a well-respected helicopter charter service based out of Fairbanks, AK.  We have worked together on many projects in the past and we are excited to bring you this tour and transportation option.  It’s a very scenic and quick flight from Fairbanks to the Wild and Free Homestead, and there’s no doubt Alex can give you a great tour of the country from the air! Please contact him directly to make reservations.  


PHONE:  1-907-903-7707

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