Yukon is one of the most reliable dogs I have in the Kennel. Having finished every race he has ever entered, he brings a solid can-do attitude to the team and has been a huge help in getting us to the finish line in countless races. A total love bug, Yukon is a dog that would rather be around me then anywhere else. When he is loose, he doesn’t roam far from my side and his loyalty has been a huge part of our success. In 2016, Yukon again shined on our Iditarod team, and I expect him to be back in the mix in 2017! He is one of only eight dogs in the Kennel that is not related to Silver, and he will play a huge role in keeping a diverse set of genetics in our Kennel in the near future.

Sponsored by Joe Cox

Thank you for your generous support!

SEX: male

AGE: 7 years

BLOODLINES: Mackey/Sorlie/Siebolt/Wold

RACES: Copper Basin 300/Gin Gin 200/K300//Yukon Quest/Iditarod

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