Tastey is part of the “Orange is the New Black” litter whose parents are Basin and Celia. Basin was the 2015 Yukon Quest Golden Harness Winner and Celia has been a sold race dog in my team for four years. Not to mention, she is a Silver and Madonna puppy! I am very excited about this litter and their future as successful sled dogs. Not only do they have very unique and awesome color and personalities, but they proved last year as puppies that they love their job and do it with tons of focus and intensity! Tastey is a spitting image of both her parents and holds most of their traits as well. She was the biggest standout of this litter in her first season of running, and she excelled to the front early with my handlers and showed that she has the drive and head for being a great leader. Tastey is a small dog, weighing in at about 40 pounds, but she pulls like she’s a 60-pound male dog! In 2016, Tastey ran in the Two Rivers 200 and the Yukon Quest 300 and did alot of leading! She also ran with Kristin Pace’s Iditarod team and did very well for over 500 miles. I am very excited to see how Tastey does in her first season of serious training with the Main Race Team.

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SEX: female

AGE: 2 years

BLOODLINES: Osmar/Sass (Parents are Basin and Celia)

RACES: Two Rivers 200/YQ300/Iditarod

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