Steve Stoller is one of a kind. After being a long time Quest Volunteer, Steve opted to travel the trail as a handler with my team for the first time in 2010 when our handling crew was in need of some help. He was hooked and never looked back. Steve has been “Captain of the War Wagon” every year since and has become a crucial part of our success. Not only can he handle sleep deprivation like a pro, but he brings more character to the Wild and Free team, and to the race in general, than any one person involved. He is a pleasure to have out there on the trail and someone I look forward to seeing after many miles on the sled. He takes his job very seriously and teamed up with our friend and co-handler Josh Horst.  Together, they are the dream team of Yukon Quest handlers! His annual trip to Alaska is a world away from his everyday life as a flight attendant, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is 100% devoted the the Wild and Free team!!!

HOME TOWN: North Beach, MD

OCCUPATION: Flight Attendant

HOBBIES: old cars

RACE/EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE: handling on the Yukon Quest

YEARS WITH WILD AND FREE: 7 years as “Captain of the War Wagon”

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