At 7 years old, Sound has accomplished more than most sled dogs do in their entire career. She ran the Yukon Quest with my handler as a Yearling and was a standout, and has run every race I have entered since, mostly in lead. She has also been one of my main leaders and breeders. She was co-leader with Basin for most of our 2015 championship run in the Yukon Quest and won the Golden Harness Award. Her calm, collective demeanor makes her a great team leader and mentor to the young dogs in the Kennel. When she’s not being a Super Star on the trail, she is laying on the couch being a love bug.  This summer we bred Sound to Bato and have four amazing pups that are showing tons of amazing potential.

Sponsored by Cory and Annamarie Cockreham

Thank you for your generous support!


SEX: female

AGE: 7 years

BLOODLINES: Mackey/R. Smyth

RACES: Copper Basin 300/Gin Gin 200/K300/Yukon Quest/Iditarod

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