Nitro is part of the “Elements” litter which come from my main man Silver and a dog named Chicken, who I got from Lance Mackey. When I was first getting my Kennel started, I bought a few dogs from Lance Mackey and in the deal he threw in Chicken. She was a tiny, nine-month old dog that he told me to breed with my big leader Silver. I did just that and have done it four times now and each time getting amazing dogs. All of the dogs out of the Silver and Chicken litter are named after Elements on the periodic table. At a very early age, Nitro showed he had the drive and determination to be up front. He did many of his early training runs in lead and last spring he did all of the leading with Basin, who was a great mentor to him. In 2016, Nitro ran the Two Rivers 200 and the Yukon Quest 300 and did a great job, finishing both races! He is the standout of this litter and is one of the two year olds to keep an eye on in 2017. I look forward to watching Nitro excel in this year!

Sponsored by Marcia Bresson

Thank you for your generous support!

SEX: male

AGE: 2 years

BLOODLINES: Wold/Mackey (Parents are Silver and Chicken)

RACES: Two Rivers 200/YQ300

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