Louise is part of the “Tombstone” litter which was a breeding between my 2015 Yukon Quest Golden Harness Winner, Sound, and a Jeff King dog named Kroner. This is a very exciting litter because it brings a whole new bloodline to the Kennel and all signs point towards these dogs being an amazing addition to our team. Born here at Wild and Free, the litter then spent the first six weeks of their life at Jeff’s Husky Homestead getting loved on by hundreds of guests everyday. They couldn’t have had a better upbringing and it showed as they grew up and into the harness. Like the “Orange is the New Black” litter and the current “Elements” litter, they excelled in their first season in harness and we look forward to them being a force in this year’s Main Race Team. Louise shined early, quickly becoming my handler Nora’s favorite and spent a fair amount of nights living indoors. She showed me she had some amazing leader qualities as well and spent a good portion of her first season in the harness running in lead. In 2016, Louise ran in both the Copper Basin 300 and the Yukon Quest 300 and proved she has the potential to be a superstar! I’m excited to see her shine this season.

Sponsored by Lin Stoller Olson

Thank you for your generous support!

SEX: female

AGE: 2 years

BLOODLINES: Mackey/Smyth/King (Parents are Sound and Kroner)

RACES: Copper Basin 300/YQ 300

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