LC is part of the “Orange is the New Black” litter whose parents are Basin and Celia. Basin was the 2015 Yukon Quest Golden Harness Winner and Celia has been a sold race dog in my team for four years. Not to mention, she is a Silver and Madonna puppy! I am very excited about this litter and their future as successful sled dogs. Not only do they have very unique and awesome color and personalities, but they proved last year as puppies that they love their job and do it with tons of focus and intensity! LC is the only one in the litter that is not named after at character from “Orange is the New Black.” As young puppies, they went to Jeff King’s Kennel and were socialized to many of the tourists as well as a young girl who was the daughter of Jeff’s handler. This little black and white cow dog quickly became the girl’s best friend and she started calling her LC, and the name stuck! You can tell how LC grew up that she was the most spoiled one as a puppy. She is tiny, yet has one of the strongest personalities of all her litter mates. As a puppy, she was still a bit distracted and the most unfocused of the litter, but she started to come into her own later in the spring and showed that when she was focused, she is a very strong puller. LC raced in the Copper Basin 300 in 2016 and showed she had the motivation and focus to be a star race dog. I’m excited to see how she does in her second year of serious training and racing!

Sponsored by Mary Gilbert

Thank you for your generous support!

SEX: female

AGE: 2 years

BLOODLINES: Osmar/Sass (Parents are Basin and Celia)

RACES: Copper Basin 300

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