Josh came to Alaska in 1997 to attend the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau. After five years of school and wilderness adventures in Southeast, he moved north to Fairbanks where he has been at home ever since. In 2007 Josh founded Horst Expediting & Remote Operations which provides support services for field projects throughout the northern reaches of Alaska. His company provides logistics, expediting, camp equipment rental, and temporary crew support services for a wide range of projects. The seasonal nature of his business allowed his recreational and volunteer participation in dog mushing to evolve into him working as a guide on Wild and Free Expeditions as well as taking on many roles associated with the Yukon Quest. Josh has been an at-large volunteer, checkpoint manager, media crew guide, a W&F handler, and he has also served as Race Manager for the Quest. As an expedition guide, Josh’s level head, problem solving, and easy-going sense of humor make him an invaluable member of the team.

HOME TOWN: Visalia, California

OCCUPATION: Owner of Horst Expediting and Remote Operations

HOBBIES: axe throwing, ultimate frisbee, hunting

RACE/EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE: Josh was my handler on the 2011 Yukon Quest and is a guide on all of my expeditions.

YEARS WITH WILD AND FREE: since the beginning

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