Heath is part of some of my earliest breeding, which was also a breeding that involved a sprint dog. He has the shortest hair of any dog in the Kennel and is built very differently than most of my dogs. That aside, he has been one of the steadiest and reliable dogs I have had over the years. Heath, named after the candy bar, has never been dropped from a race and can be relied on to be there when the going gets tough. He makes up for his lack of hair and size with his amazing ability to stay focused in the most challenging times during the race. He ran in the Yukon Quest as a puppy and has been a key element to the success of the Kennel ever since, including being a finisher in our 2015 Yukon Quest victory.  In 2016, he again was a solid team dog in multiple races.  2017 marked his last season of racing but he still has a lot of pull left and will be helping train the young dogs in 2018.

Sponsored by Mark and Cathy Gunderson

Thank you for your generous support!


SEX: male

AGE: 9 years


RACES: Copper Basin 300/Gin Gin 200/Yukon Quest/Iditarod

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