Wicket and his litter mates are the first offspring of our famous “Elements.”  Son of Krypton and Chica, he and his siblings embody all their fathers’ traits, with a little added craziness from his mom’s side. Wicket is a spitting image of his father, and after being harness broke this spring and training as much as possible before the snow melted, Wicket and his siblings made it clear that they are the future of Wild and Free Mushing.  Wicket is the goofball of the litter and along with a bouncy and hilarious attitude, he was also born with a short tail which just adds to his goofy attitude!  In harnesses, he is still a bit distracted, but has tons of energy. He has great potential and I am extremely excited to continue honing his skills this summer and into the 2018 season.  I have very high hopes for Wicket’s future as a competitive race dog.

Sponsored by Vickie McConathy

Thank you for your generous support!

SEX: male

AGE: 1 year

BLOODLINES: Sass/Mackey/J. Redington

RACES: In training

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