Tobuk and his litter mates are named after lakes, rivers and mountains from the area in the Brooks Range where they were conceived.  Every Spring a handful of Wild and Free dogs spend a month pulling guests around at the Iniakuk Wilderness Lodge with my good friends Thom and John.  This year we breed Manley, a past Wild and Free athlete now living with Thom, with Morello, one of our current super stars who is following in her dad Basin’s footsteps.   This breeding combines some amazing genetics that have proven their worth over the years.  At just two months old, they are already showing great potential and growing up fast.  We are excited to see these dogs grow up and become racing sled dogs.

Sponsored by Diana Workmon

Thank you for your generous support!

SEX: male

AGE: 2 months

BLOODLINES: Sass/Wold/T. Osmar/Mackey

RACES: Puppy in training

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