Thom Walker moved to Alaska in 1998 and has been a good friend of mine ever since. Growing up in Minnesota, Thom has a very similar Midwestern upbringing. An Eagle Scout like myself, the love of the wilderness brought Thom to Alaska and he never looked back. Thom has been a part of Wild and Free Mushing from the very beginning and has played almost every role possible. In the beginning, we learned together the hard way, but through it all, we became better friends and dog mushers for it. I knew Thom would always be someone I could trust with my dogs and he has handled many teams for multiple races and is one of my go-to guides for our annual Arctic Expedition. As well as continuing to guide for me, he has branched off on his own as a dog sled guide at Iniakuk Wilderness Lodge. He takes twelve Wild and Free dogs with him every March to guide guests on an amazing trip into the Brooks Range. Thom has played a huge role in the success of the Kennel to date, and I’m sure he will continue to be involved in the Kennel for years to come.

HOME TOWN: St. Cloud, MN

OCCUPATION: Owner of Thom’s Field Services

HOBBIES: running, hiking, floating rivers

RACE/EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE: Handler and expeditions guide

YEARS WITH WILD AND FREE: Since the beginning…

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