Orthros and his litter mats are named after mythical creatures and their doing a great job living up to their names sakes reputation.  Their parents, Sound and Bato, have been super stars at Wild and Free Mushing for the past four years and we are very excited about the potential of these amazing little creatures.  So far they seem to be a perfect mix of their parents, at times showing Sound’s calm but focused demeanor and the next minute they have their dad’s wild and crazy attitude.  Currently they are enjoying daily hikes in the woods in the high-country and are growing like weeds!  Orthros is the big man of the group but takes after his mom with the most laid back attitude and demeanor. We can’t wait for the snow to fly so we can get these guys in harness and start seeing their potential as champion sled dogs!

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SEX: male

AGE: 3 months

BLOODLINES: Sass/J. Redington/Mackey/R. Smyth

RACES: Puppy in training

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