Brent’s parents have been strong supporters of him from the very beginning of this adventure. Although they may have thought he was a little crazy in the beginning, as the dog numbers rose, they still stood behind Brent and believed in what he was doing. As Brent’s Kennel grew, they became more and more aware that this was his calling and something that he wanted more than anything. Their unending support has been a huge part of his success as a human being and the success of the Kennel.

Brent’s dad, Mark, makes his annual trip to Alaska from January to March to help in any way he can to prepare for the races. His biggest job over the last five years has been preparing the trucks for the Yukon Quest as well as fixing anything else he can get his hands on. Brent’s mom, Chris, has also made the trip to Alaska several times for the finish of the Yukon Quest, but her support comes from behind the scenes as the head of Brent’s Wild and Free Store. Every piece of gear that is sent out to fans is packaged and shipped with a little extra TLC from Brent’s mom in Minnesota. This is a huge job and one that she takes very seriously! These are just a few things that Mark and Chris do to help Wild and Free and Brent succeed. Their love and support extends far past just these “jobs” and Brent is very fortunate to have parents that believe in him and his dreams!!

HOME TOWN: Excelsior, MN

OCCUPATION: Retired (kind of…)

HOBBIES:  old cars, bowling, supporting their 3 kids

YEARS WITH WILD AND FREE:  Since the beginning…

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