Joee and Pam Redington are legends in the state of Alaska and in the sport of dog mushing. They have been living here and running dogs for over 60 years. Joee’s dad, Joe Redington, is the “Father of the Iditarod” and he, Joee and his other son Raymie, raced and were competitive in some of the earliest Iditarod races. Joee and Pam went on to become Champion Sprint mushers and moved to Manley Hot Springs in the early 70’s. They have called it home there ever since.

When I moved to the Eureka area in 2008, I quickly got to know these legendary people and we have grown to be amazing friends. The amount of knowledge in Alaska living and dogs between the two of them is second to none, and I am extremely proud to call them my friends. Not only are they willing to share their knowledge and experiences with me, they open up their home to me and my team on a regular basis as a checkpoint during the training season. It’s pretty convenient that their home is right on our trail system. Pam is one of the best cooks I know and there is no experience that tops coming in off a cold trail and sitting down at their dinner table for an amazing meal and conversation. There is no doubt in my mind that they have played a pivotal role in the success of Wild and Free, and to me as a person and a musher.

HOME TOWN: Manley Hot Springs, AK

OCCUPATION: Owner, Iditarod Kennel

HOBBIES:  training pups, artwork

RACE/EXPEDITION EXPERIENCE: 60 years of racing in Alaska


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