Chica is one of the biggest up-and-coming stars in the Kennel. A grandkid of Silver, Chica brings a lot of her dad’s traits as well as many of her own extremely positive attributes to the team. Chica is always ready to go and never seems to tire. She ran in a puppy team with my handler as a Yearling and showed she had what it takes to go 1,000 miles.  In 2015, as a two-year-old, she shined on my winning Yukon Quest team. She was the 15th dog and traveled to the race start as an alternate, but after a small injury to one of the Main Race Team members, she was called up and rose to the occasion. In 2016, she was a key element to our success in all three of our big races. Chica was a very positive force throughout the races, and because of her awesome attitude and superstar performance in 2016, I have very high hopes for her in the future.

Sponsored by Gina Erny

Thank you for your generous support!


SEX: female

AGE: 4 years

BLOODLINES: Wold/Mackey/J. Redington

RACES: Gin Gin 200/K300/Yukon Quest/Iditarod

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