Wild and Free Mushing is seeking an experienced handler to help with training and care of a competitive 60 dog kennel at our remote Homestead in interior Alaska.  This amazing opportunity would be from August or September through April, 2017.

Applicant’s must be:

  • A dog lover
  • Self motivated
  • Responsible
  • Hard worker
  • Positive; must have a positive attitude
  • Willing to learn our system
  • Take part in not only the training of the dogs but the everyday chores and projects that come with living in a remote location
  • Willing to work and train long hours in extreme weather conditions. We experience -40F temps and very high winds on a regular basis and rarely stop or alter plans due to weather.
  • Able to fix things, collect firewood, perform trail work, cut meat, and everything else related to general survival
  • Prepared to work at least 12 hours a day; days off are rare during peak training season

All of the above happen on a daily basis and we have to react and be prepared for whatever is thrown at us. Trips to town are limited and schedules and plans are always subject to change, so if you’re looking for a routine experience, this is not it. Every day is different.

We looking to add another handler to the team to help train the race dogs as well as the younger dogs in the kennel. Mid-distance race opportunities may be an option for the right person.  We are training for the K300, CB300, 2 Yukon Quest race teams, and an Iditarod race team.

Experience living off the grid, driving snow machines/ATV’s, working with tools and fixing things is desired. Must have a drivers license and be comfortable driving a large vehicle in winter conditions in remote places. Most importantly all of the above must sound like a lot of FUN! We work and play hard everyday! Room and board and the experience of a lifetime is included.

If interested in this adventure, please email bwild.free@gmail.com.

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